The Elysian Stereo 100 Power Amplifier

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The NEW Elysian Stereo Power Amplfier. 100W into 8 ohms, 200W into 4 ohms and 350W in bridged mono mode

The Elysian Stereo 100 Power Amplifier

The Elysian Stereo 100 Power Amplifier

A compact stereo power amplifier capable of driving any loudspeaker and designed to outperform larger amplifiers while fitting perfectly into your listening room.

The Elysian Stereo 100 (ES100) can operate as a stereo amplifier delivering 100W into 8ohms or it can operate as a bridged mono-block amplifier delivering 350W into 8ohm and offering the perfect upgrade route.

The ES100 houses two true state of the art, ZERO global & ZERO local feedback, wide bandwidth, Class A amplifier circuits, thus producing the most dynamic, transparent and realistic sound stage possible.

Coupled Symmetric Drive "CSD"

CSD topology allows bespoke zero feedback circuits to operate at high speed with very low distortion levels.

The CSD input stage consists of a fully balanced symmetrical differential stage with a small voltage gain using ultra high linearity complementary transistor pairs, operating in class A mode with NO feedback. This stage drives a balanced symmetrical push pull voltage amplifier stage again operating in class A mode with NO feedback and a moderate voltage gain.

CSD is essentially two true zero feedback amplifiers operating in parallel to increase bandwidth and reduce THD, IMD and TIM.

Optimum Bias "OpBias"

Optimum Bias "OpBias"

At normal listening levels the ES100 will operate in Class A mode and deliver up to 5 watts of pure Class A power. If extra power is required the ES100 will seamlessly move into Class A/B operation and deliver over 100W into 8ohms (stereo) and 200W into 4ohms (stereo) or 350W into 8ohms (mono). This biasing technique results in lower power consumption, lower heat output and an extended component lifetime over that of a conventional Class A amplifier, while delivering superior performance.

World Class Design

– State of the art electronics.
– World first technologies and electronic topologies.
– PSpice modelled circuits.
– The highest quality components.
– Beautifully sculptured cases and  front panels.
– 3D Modelled chassis.
– 5 axis CNC machined cases and panels.
– Custom anodized finishes.

World Class Design
Unique Technology

Unique Technology

– “RWave” – Ultra wide bandwidth circuit topology.
– “CSD” – Open loop, symmetric drive topology.
– “TZFB” – True zero feedback design
(NO global feedback, NO local feedback).
– “NIDS” – Non-Intrusive DC Servo system.
– “Fastpower” – 6 bespoke, discrete regulated supplies.
– “OpBias” – Optimal power bias system.
– DC coupled from input to output (NO capacitors).
– Dual transformer supplies for near perfect isolation.
– Ultra low Transient Intermodulation Distortion.
– Linear phase response with zero feedback essential for a truly perfect sound stage.

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ES100 Outline Specification

– Stereo Gain: 25.5dB (into 8ohms)
– Mono-block Gain: 31.5dB (into 8ohms)
– Frequency Response: 0.8Hz to 300kHz (-3dB)
– Stereo Output: 100W into 8ohms (1st 5W Class A)
– Mono Output: 350W into 8ohms (1st 5W Class A)
– Stereo Input Impedance: 33kohms (single ended RCA), 66kohms (balanced XLR)
– Mono-block Input Impedance: 16kohms (single ended RCA), 33kohms (balanced XLR)
– Stereo Output Impedance: 0.1ohm
– Mono-block Output Impedance: 0.2ohm
– Total Harmonic Distortion: <1% @1kHz (100W into 8ohms), <0.01% @1kHz (1W, 0dBW into 8ohms)

detailed specification (pdf)
ES100 Outline Specification
Custom Anodized Finishes

Custom Anodized Finishes

The ES100 is available in either an elegant silver or black anodized finish and features a beautifully sculptured, high quality, 5 axis CNC machined, aluminium front panel.