Elysian Pre-amplifier II

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Elysian Pre-amplifier II

Elysian Pre-amplifier II

The Elysian Pre-amplifier II (EPre II) is a reference standard fully balanced pre-amplifier based on the original EPre but utilising our NEW ultra low distortion BJT amplifier stage.

The EPre II is machined from a single piece of high grade aluminium, incorporating a dual monaural, true zero feedback pre-amplifier with dedicated transformers and power supplies for the left channel, right channel and digital sections.

True Zero Feedback "TZFB"

The EPre II incorporates CAAS Audio’s bespoke parallel, ultra linear, ZERO feedback, BJT Class A buffer stage designed to reduce THD, IMD and TIM while providing the cable and load drive capability that passive pre-amps can not.

True Zero Feedback "TZFB"
Switched Resistor Volume Control "SRVC"

Switched Resistor Volume Control "SRVC"

The EPre II incorporates a fully balanced remote controllable, computer controlled, relay switched volume control. The circuit consist of a bank of high quality silver contact relays which switch different configurations of high precision, high quality metal film resistors to produce attenuation levels between -64dB and 0dB in 128 discrete steps of 0.5dB. Although this is a vastly more complex system than the standard audio potentiometer, the sonic purity achieved far exceeds that of any potentiometer on the market.

Switched Amplifier Modules "SAM"

The EPre II houses six (three per channel) separate zero feedback, class A operating (with zero switching distortion), DC coupled amplifier modules. This unique topology allows selection of the correct amplifier module and allows the EPre II to configure the most direct and purest signal path possible for any input / output configuration.

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Switched Amplifier Modules "SAM"
Outline Specification

Outline Specification

– Gain: +6dB to -64dB & Mute (in 0.5dB steps).
– Freq Response: 0.3Hz to >200kHz (-3dB) DC Coupled.
– Input Impedance: 33 kohms.
– Output Impedance: 60 ohms.
– THD: < 0.01% @1kHz (0dB level, 2V RMS).
– Inputs: 2 x L/R Pair RCA, 3 x L/R Pair XLR.
– Outputs: 1 x L/R Pair RCA, 1 x L/R Pair XLR.

Detailed Specification (PDF)

Unique Technology

“RWave” – Ultra wide bandwidth circuit topology.
“CSD” – Open loop, BJT drive topology.
“TZFB” – True zero feedback design (NO global feedback, NO local feedback).
“NIDS” – Non-Intrusive DC Servo system.
“Fastpower” – 12 bespoke, discrete analogue regulated supplies and 7 digital regulated power supplies.
“SAM” – Switched Amplifier Modules.
“SRVC” – 128 step relay switched resistor volume.
– DC coupled from input to output (NO capacitors).
– Triple transformer supplies for circuit isolation.

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Unique Technology
Custom Anodized Finishes

Custom Anodized Finishes

The EPre II is available in either an elegant silver or black anodized finish and features a beautifully sculptured, high quality, 5 axis CNC machined, aluminium chassis that has been milled from a single billet of high quality aluminium.

User Manual (pdf)


“The Elysian Pre-amp II is clearly an extremely revealing piece of kit that’s capable of serving up mountains of detail in an expansive, room filling fashion.”

“It’s also highly transparent to fine detail thanks to very low distortion, I heard things with these amps that my usual and also apparently revealing amplifier failed to unearth. The lack of distortion or noise means that tone is particularly pure, higher notes really shine but avoid anything like glare.”

“They reveal so much about each recording that it’s almost uncanny, with depth of image an obvious strength alongside the degree of finessing that went into the production. I love the way that these amps can deliver detail with so much ease.”

“What CAAS have done is resolve the detail in the music without adding any of the noise that infiltrates so many Class AB designs.”


“A better combination than our reference amps”

“I’m particularly drawn to listening to piano and strings on this combo. Female vocals too have a wonderful appeal with everything sounding just right – you know that indefinable thing you get when something just gels and sounds right.”

“Soundstaging on all the speakers we used with the CAAS pre/amps was thoroughly rock solid with instruments and sounds laid out in front of me front to back, side to side and top to bottom and instruments staying where they were placed on mixdown.”

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