Elysian 100 Monos

“The CAAS trio is one of the most musically engaging and resolving amplification systems around. As a combo it is unusually even handed, revealing oodles of detail in a highly coherent fashion.” – HiFi+ Magazine

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The Elysian 100 Mono-block Power Amplifier

The Elysian 100 Mono-block Power Amplifier

A well proportioned award winning mono power amplifier capable of driving any loudspeaker and designed to completely outperform other massive amps while fitting perfectly into a normal listening room.

Over six years of R&D have culminated in the reference standard E100. Housing a true state of the art, ZERO global and ZERO local feedback, ultra wide bandwidth, Class A operating amplifier circuit, thus producing one of the most dynamic, open, transparent and realistic sound stage possible.

Coupled Symmetric Drive "CSD"

CSD topology allows bespoke zero feedback circuits to operate at high speed with very low distortion levels.

The CSD input stage consists of a fully balanced symmetrical differential stage with a small voltage gain using ultra high linearity complementary transistor pairs, operating in class A mode with NO feedback. This stage drives a balanced symmetrical push pull voltage amplifier stage again operating in class A mode with NO feedback and a moderate voltage gain.

CSD is essentially two true zero feedback amplifiers operating in parallel to increase bandwidth and reduce THD, IMD and TIM.

Coupled Symmetric Drive "CSD"
Optimum Bias "OpBias"

Optimum Bias "OpBias"

At normal listening levels the Elysian 100 will operate in Class A mode and deliver up to 20 watts of pure Class A power. If extra power is required the Elysian 100 will seamlessly move into Class A/B operation and deliver over 100W into 8ohms and 200W into 4ohms. This biasing technique results in lower power consumption, lower heat output and an extended component lifetime over that of a conventional Class A amplifier, while delivering superior performance.

World Class Design

– State of the art electronics.
– World first technologies and electronic topologies.
– PSpice modelled circuits.
– The highest quality components.
– Beautifully sculptured cases and  front panels.
– 3D Modelled chassis.
– 5 axis CNC machined cases and panels.
– Custom anodized finishes.

User Manual (PDF)
World Class Design
Unique Technology

Unique Technology

“RWave” – Ultra wide bandwidth circuit topology.
“CSD” – Open loop, symmetric drive topology.
“TZFB” – True zero feedback design
(NO global feedback, NO local feedback).
“NIDS” – Non-Intrusive DC Servo system.
“Fastpower” – 6 bespoke, discrete regulated supplies.
“OpBias” – Optimal power bias system.
– DC coupled from input to output (NO capacitors).
– Dual transformer supplies for near perfect isolation.
– Ultra low Transient Intermodulation Distortion.
– Linear phase response with zero feedback essential for a truly perfect sound stage.

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E100 Outline Specification

– Gain: 25.5dB (into 8ohms)
– Frequency Response: 0.8Hz to >300kHz (-3dB) DC Coupled
– Rated Output: 100W into 8ohms (1st 20W Class A), 200W into 4ohms
– Peak Output Current: >50A (10ms cycle every 200ms)
– Input Impedance: 33kohms (single ended RCA), 66kohms (balanced XLR)
– Output Impedance: 0.1ohm
– Total Harmonic Distortion: <1% @1kHz (100W into 8ohms), <0.01% @1kHz (1W, 0dBW into 8ohms)
– Transient Intermodulation: Too low to measure

Detailed Specification (PDF)
E100 Outline Specification
Custom Anodized Finishes

Custom Anodized Finishes

The E100 is available in either an elegant silver or black anodized finish and features a beautifully sculptured, high quality, 5 axis CNC machined, aluminium front panel.


“They reveal so much about each recording that it’s almost uncanny, with depth of image an obvious strength alongside the degree of finessing that went into the production. I love the way that these amps can deliver detail with so much ease.”

“It’s also highly transparent to fine detail thanks to very low distortion, I heard things with these amps that my usual and also apparently revealing amplifier failed to unearth. The lack of distortion or noise means that tone is particularly pure, higher notes really shine but avoid anything like glare.”

“They also image very nicely, delivering precise definition of instruments and voices in space with not the slightest hint of grain or edginess, it really is a finessed sound and one that it’s very easy to lean back and enjoy.”

“What CAAS have done is resolve the detail in the music without adding any of the noise that infiltrates so many Class AB designs.”


“The CAAS trio is one of the most musically engaging and resolving amplification systems around. As a combo it is unusually even handed, revealing oodles of detail in a highly coherent fashion.”

“Excellent separation of voices and instruments, which makes it easy to hear right into the production, while an apparent absence of overhang or ringing means that timing is nigh on perfect.”

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“A better combination than our reference amps”

“I’m particularly drawn to listening to piano and strings on this combo. Female vocals too have a wonderful appeal with everything sounding just right – you know that indefinable thing you get when something just gels and sounds right.”

“Soundstaging on all the speakers we used with the CAAS pre/amps was thoroughly rock solid with instruments and sounds laid out in front of me front to back, side to side and top to bottom and instruments staying where they were placed on mixdown.”

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“They are able to dance through rhythmical passages with impeccable precision and instantaneous dynamic shifts, it’s truly outstanding actually.”

“A reference quality amplifier”

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“The CAAS equipment operates on a musical level well above that of their price and thus represent an immensely enticing alternative to more established brands”

“In terms of dynamics, joy of playing and audio transparency there were no wishes unfulfilled”

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