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4 months ago

NEW power supply modules for the NEW Elysian Stereo Amp. Coming soon!

7 months ago

In Edinburgh? Why not audition our wonderful EPre II & E100 combo at The Sound Counsel.

10 months ago
Hifi Pig

It seems as if HiFi Pig's cat is enjoying our amps 😀

CAAS Audio are you looking for any new salespeople, well salescats? Clio looks like she's a natural!
#DigThePig #CatsAndHifi 😺🐷

10 months ago

Merry Christmas Everyone

10 months ago
Hifi Pig

Seems HiFi Pig are reviewing some FinkTeam speakers, looks like they're using some very nice amplification too 😉

Full assimilation. FinkTeam

10 months ago

Another wonderful review of our CAAS Audio EPre II & E100 pre-mono-power combo. If you haven't read it yet, then please do so :-) ... See more

10 months ago
Hifi Pig

The HiFi pig review of our EPre II & E100s is now live, have a read

CAAS Audio Elysian EPre II Pre-amplifier and Elysian 100 MonoBlocs
#Hifi #Highendaudio #Reviews ... See more

11 months ago
Hifi Pig

A short promo video for the upcoming CAAS pre and mono amp review on Hifi Pig. Your thoughts are very much appreciated on this promo.

1 year ago
CAAS Audio at XFI Premium Audio Show 2019

CAAS Audio at XFI Premium Audio Show 2019. Voted Best Sounding Room by HiFi Advice

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