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CAAS Audio was founded in Yorkshire, UK in 2006 by Carl and Neil Broomfield

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Our Mission

CAAS Audio is dedicated to the technical advancement of ultimate high quality audio reproduction. Our goal is to produce the world’s finest sounding audio equipment offering a leap forward over current audio reproduction.

Through the application of proprietary circuit designs, novel circuit configurations and over a decade of research and development have culminated in the realisation of the Elysian Audio Streamer, the Digital Audio Streamer, the Elysian Pre-amplifier and the reference standard Elysian 100 mono-block power amplifier.

History & Background

CAAS Audio was founded in 2006 by Carl and Neil Broomfield, both graduate professionals from the electronics and software disciplines. The company was established to provide simple, elegant, well controlled, state of the art Class-A based audio products with superior sonic performance and produce true High Fidelity sound reproduction at very competitive price levels.

This has been achieved through the application of RF & Microwave electronics design and true zero feedback circuits with NO Global feedback loops and NO Local feedback loops. All the founders have a passion for audiophile sound reproduction and for many years have been working together to produce the very best in audio amplifier and source technology.

The Designer

The CAAS Audio digital audio streamers and the Elysian series amplifiers have been designed by Dr Carl Broomfield, an electronics engineer specialising in high frequency microwave circuit and applications design.

Dr Broomfield is a lifelong devotee of Hi Fi and consequently has applied the technology of zero feedback, high frequency, high bandwidth microwave circuitry to all CAAS Audio pro in order to achieve superior sound reproduction.

The Designer
The Software Engineer

The Software Engineer

CAAS Audio’s digital audio streamers and the Elysian series amplifiers software and firmware has been designed by Neil Broomfield, a Software Engineer with a lifelong love of audio and the pursuit of perfect audio reproduction.

Neil specialises in real time systems, low level device driver development and systems integration and has over ten years of experience providing multi-million pound state-of-the-art software systems to both the public and private sector.